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Vehicles Parking in Guruvayur, A tough not to crack problem

C K George, S Anand

Chairman of the Guruvayur Devaswom Managing Committee, Dr V K Vijayan, said that the devaswom finds it difficult to provide sufficient space for parking the vehicles of devotees arriving at Guruvayur.

There was an unexpected increase of vehicles arriving at the temple town of Guruvayur and it is estimated on an average about 500 vehicles carrying the devotees arrived at Guruvayur.

Vijayan said that between 305 crore and 5 crore devotees arrived at the temple per year offering prayers and worshipping the Lord Krishan, the deity of the temple.

When there was public transport service and private bus service, a large number of devotees depended on them for travel and there was no such problem for the devaswom to provide parking facilities.
Following the COVID19 pandemic and protocol, the devotees started to come by separate vehicles. This is one of the main reasons for the parking problem in Guruvayur, Vijayan said.

Vijayan said that between 6000 and 10,000 devotees visit the Guruvayur temple daily and it is calculated on an average of 15 persons per vehicle, the total number of vehicles arriving at Guruvayur would be around 535 vehicles per day. Many of the devotees came by car with the accommodation of maximum of five persons in a car. It is a great problem for the Devaswom to provide parking facilities to such a huge number of vehicles arriving daily in Guruvayur, Vijayan said.

He said that Devaswom has plans for taking kand nearby the temple on lease for providing facilities for parking vehicles. He said that the District collector has convened a meeting of administrators of the districts, the Current chairman of the devaswom and the former chairman, Guruvayur municipal authorities and other concerned officials, to be held on April 22, with emphasis on the parking problem in Guruvayur.

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